Thursday, November 25, 2010


Wow....So, much to be thankful for! I have an amazing life, wonderful family, great friends, and blessings everyday of the year! This year has brought many trials and tribulations, losses, and lessons but I've tried to find the good in it all.
My hubby and my amazing kids are what I'm most thankful for. Although they may not always get along with each other, or they may not always behave, I'm still thankful for every one of them and couldn't imagine my life without them. My step-daughter is currently in England (her mom is in the military) and so being away from here this year has been hard, but we wanted to give her the opportunity to see parts of the world that most adults don't get to see. I'm so, so thankful for Skype. Without it, we would only be able to have a phone conversation but, with Skype we are able to have a video conversation. I'm so thankful for being loved. Not only is it awesome to be in love with such an amazing person who treats me like a princess but he is my best friend. I can tell him anything. I can be funny, serious, or goofy and he still loves me unconditionally.
I'm so thankful for crafting...and having the ability to be able to. I've met many, unforgettable people along the way...and hope to meet a lot more :). I've learned so many techniques, and ideas from so many!
So...for those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving...HAPPY THANKSGIVING. For those that don't...Happy Thursday :) No matter what we celebrate, we all have something to be thankful for...everyday!!


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