Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Well here it is....October 31st! Halloween has never really been a favorite holiday of mine, but for the sake of my kids, I celebrate it :) This has been a busy couple of weeks for us. I was super excited to get all my Halloween cards made and sent out. 2 weeks ago our nieces came to stay with us "temporarly". One night turned into "just another night"...and before you knew it, we were almost 2 weeks into it. Our youngest niece (from this family) has autism pretty severely and requires a lot of attention. I don't mind that one bit; infact having them with us was such a joy to our family. We grew from 5 kids to 7!! Needless to say, I didn't have a lot of time to work on my Halloween cards. On Thursday (the 28th) my oldest niece asked me if I would help her make Halloween cards for her 23 classmates. AWWWWWWW was what I thought. How in the world can I pull this one off? We managed to get about 6 of them done, plus the 4 my daughter decided to make for her friends :) Thank goodness for the Dustin Pike and Bugaboo sites cause I was quickly able to find something for them to color! So, not everyone got Halloween cards from me this year but I am not too upset as Halloween is not my fav holiday, and the kids had fun making their's....
Here are a few that I got done and the ones I helped the kids make:

Here is one I made:
Here are one's the kids made:
Here is another I made:


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